are the biggest group of people in the summer school. They are young architects or students. The summer assembly is a chance for them to try out a variety of mediums and techniques that the academic system often doesn't provide.

is the person behind every workshop. For every there is an open call, which is open to anyone interested in tutoring. The selection of workshops are from wall to wall: construction, performance, design, virtual reality, old-school media etc.

is the backbone of the event. Usually previous summer school participants, who voluntarily build the infrastructure, keep an eye on tools and cook the food.

[National Contact] is a crucial part of the EASA network. They provide the important information to their local students, take care of new participants and share the responsibility with the organizers to have a successful summer assembly. Every year the NC gather for INCM [Intermediate National Contact Meeting], where they discuss and decide the future path of EASA network.

A group of young architects and students who are willing to take on the burden of voluntarily setting aside their daily routine for 2 years to organize such the EASA events. They decide the theme, location, creative program, financing ... everything!

There are a number of guests attending EASA events, who usually tend to be old EASA participants. They come for a few days, never staying the whole duration of the event, but still having a chance to join workshops of their liking.