The main output of EASA is the annual two weeks long summer school, where workshops, lectures and seminars dissect the central theme chosen for the specific assembly. EASA is an alternative education system where student to student learning method is applied. The summer assembly does not oppose the academia, but is a platform for 600 architecture students every summer to question architecture, experiment and play with space. The event changes location every year, moving from one point of Europe to another.

[Intermediate National Contact Meeting] is  an annual autumn meeting, where representatives of each country (National Contacts) reflect on EASA's influence, bettering it for the future. On INCM the future place of the events will be decided, where countries interested organizing EASA or INCM will present their project.

[Small European Architecture Students’ Assembly Meeting] is a smaller assembly which is organized by any country who is interested. The next SESAM will be held in  Slavutych, Ukrain.