The Tutor Pack is an overview about the theme and location of EASA 2020. 
EASA 2020 workshop application form: 
Workshop application deadline is 25th of February 23.59 (GMT+2).

Tutor Introduction Period is just the TIP of EASA Apathy. It is a bigger period open for anyone interested in seeing, where EASA 2020 will take place. We have created a map and a short overview of the history and current life in Valga. Download it onto a phone or print and fold following the instructions below. Inside the Tutor Introduction Period was the Apathy Conference, which took place in Valga on the 14th - 17th November and looked at the theme apathy on a wider scale than the town.
We wish to collect everyone's observations from Valga, so if you end there or in Tallinn, write to us for a meetup, beer and about your perception of the place. If you take any pictures of Valga, you are welcome to share them, we wish to build a wide documentation of the twin towns.